Work Behavior

Work is a much different setting than being at home or hanging out with your friends. There are certain behaviors that are not appropriate in this setting and other behaviors that are generally required that you would not normally use.
To start off, you should practice being on time and using your time effectively. Being late is one of the worst things that you can do at your job is being late. Your tardiness says that you do not care about your position and that you have other things you view as being more important. Make sure that you’re always on time by setting alarms, planning out your route of travel and checking traffic times before you have to leave to work.
Once you reach work, there are certain behaviors that you have to start. For one, you should always be polite to your co workers, boss, and customers. This can be shown through both your body language and your ways of speaking. Use positive body language. This means avoid slouching or having a down face. Even when you’re tired you should try to look happy and awake. This can be difficult, but it will help you seem inviting and charismatic. In addition, use formal language. Refer to people by the terms “Ma’am”, “Sir”, or by their proper name. This shows that you respect the person and that you have some concern about them. Proper names should mainly be used with co workers while more formal terms should be used with customers and your boss. The workplace is also not a place for cursing and other slurs. Avoid using such terms at all costs because they show a large amount of disrespect and lack of care for your occupation and the people around you.
You should also put all of your effort into your work. Even if you’re a cashier or a busser, you should put all you have into your job. This may seem silly if you don’t care about your work, but it looks good to your boss. This could lead to promotion or other increases in responsibility and status.
Overall it is important to behave appropriately at work. It is an extremely professional setting that needs to be respected so one can succeed at their job. It helps you stay in your position or gain a better position in your business. Appropriate work behavior will help you succeed and go forwards.

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