Volunteering is a useful step to getting a job. It helps you prepare for a career by teaching valuable job skills. Depending on where you offer your services, some volunteer programs may offer extensive training in fields such as counseling, public marketing and social skills, as well as many others. Another benefit includes gaining experience in something while you are helping the community and enjoying yourself. Volunteering is also a great way to meet and form relationships with new people. This provides an opportunity to bond with people that might provide useful recommendation letters or be willing to help you gain a job. People that volunteer have a 27% higher chance of gaining a job. If you have no high school diploma, your chances of gaining a job if you volunteer are 51% higher than those who don’t volunteer and have no diploma.

In addition to benefiting your career, volunteering can improve your character. It is proven that volunteering can improve physical health, combat depression, and improve self-confidence. Volunteering provides a sense of fun and fulfillment in a person’s life. Suggested places to volunteer include: places of worship, local food banks, libraries or senior centers, youth organizations or after-school programs, service organizations such as rotary clubs, and local animal shelters or rescue organizations.

This is a link to volunteer opportunities in Boulder County.

Animal Shelters
Longmont Humane Society
Boulder Valley Humane Society
Service Organizations
Lions Club
Boulder Rotary Club
Boulder Homeless Shelter
Longmont OUR Center

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