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Whether you like it or not, the very first thing an employer is going to see is your resume. Follow these step – by -step instructions on how to make a perfect resume, to be on your way to a job!


Step 1: Brainstorm 16

On a sheet of paper or word document, brainstorm all of the achievements, accomplishments and important things an employer might want to see. List past education, work experience, etc.

Step 2: Trim Down

Now that you have a huge list of things you might want to put on your resume, begin to fine pick through all of the items. Anything irrelevant, or not that important should go. Anything outdated, or not pertinent to the job you are looking to acquire should go as well.

Step 3: Organize and Neaten your Resume 25resume-too-long-cartoon

Now that you have a smaller, more compact list of accomplishments, and experiences, (if you haven’t already) categorize each by what type of experience or accomplishment it is. For example, group all of your education together in one group, all past jobs together in another group, all accomplishments and achievements in another. Then put it in an order that makes sense to the reader. (For examples and templates visit the appropriate pages!) Remember, keep it neat, clean and simple!



Handy Resume Tips:

  • Keep it clean, simple and neat. No bright, neon colors, varying fonts or cool pictures needed here!17.interview-for-a-web-designer-position-spider-ilendoo
  • Don’t use common, repeated, cliche phrases, such as “Successful,” “Meticulous,” “Detail – oriented,” “Good leadership skills,” or “Team player.” Set yourself from other applicants by not using these.
  • Describe the value of your accomplishments. Tell how a certain achievement within a company helped the company itself. Remember, you are trying to sell yourself and convince the company that they need you on their team!
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread! If there’s nothing employers hate its spelling or grammar mistakes! Make absolutely sure that your resume is picture perfect. Not so good at finding grammatical mistakes? Ask a friend or family member to be your editor and help you find any mistakes.



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