How to Dress

What you should wear and what kind of impression you want to leave within your interview go hand and hand. In order to get the job, (or even be considered for the job) you have to look the part. Confused about exactly what to wear for which interview? Follow the guide below to ensure you look sleek, professional, and most importantly ready to get the job!


Formal Interview:

For Girls:

Women tend to have more leeway in this department, as compared to guys. A suit is most appropriate, but a nice skirt or dress pants, paired with a blouse and jacket work well too.

Suit: If you go with a suit, wear a nice, two-piece suit. The bottoms of the suit can be matching pants or skirt. If you choose the skirt, make sure it reaches the top of your knees, and that you wear black/tan/nude hosiery with it, and if you wear pants, make sure they are not too short and are hemmed so they are not too long. The color of your suit should be darker, either black, navy, or grey. No matter what bottoms you choose to wear, make sure they are all tailored to fit you, and are not too loose and not too tight.

Blouse or Shirt: Underneath your suit wear a tailored blouse or nice shirt that does not show any cleavage, and is not see-through.

Shoes: Wear a medium to low heel pump shoe or dress flats that are the same color as your suit. Make sure you can walk in them! Don’t wear too much jewelry or bring a large, distracting bag.

–OR, if you decide to go with the non-suit option:

Dress Pants: Wear nice dress pants, often made out of wool, polyester or other synthetic materials. Make sure they are tailored to fit you, and are not too tight and are hemmed so as they are not too long.

Skirt: If you wear a skirt, make sure it reaches to the top of your knees, and that you wear tan/nude or black tights underneath. They should have no holes, rips, or runs, and should not be patterned.

Shirt or Blouse: Wear a nice dress blouse or shirt that is short or long sleeved (no tank tops or spaghetti straps) that does not show any cleavage and is not see-through. Again, make sure it fits you well.

Jacket: Wear a fitted blazer or jacket that complements your bottoms. The color should be darker, or light primary colors (nothing too bright.) Depending on how formal the interview is, a cardigan (for a cheaper option) may work just fine as well.

Shoes: Wear low to medium heel pumps that you can walk in, or nice dress flats. Make sure they are in a solid dark color, such as black or brown.

Jewelery: Wear little to no jewelry at all. No long dangly earrings, kitty necklaces or such. Keep it classy and simple.



For Guys:

Suit: Your best bet is to go with a two-piece matching suit. Choose a darker color like black, navy or dark grey. Price here is not important. As long as the suit is tailored to fit you, you are golden.

Shirt Underneath: Wear a plain colored collared shirt underneath (white or blue is suggested) with no patterns.

Tie: For your tie, choose a simple plain or patterned one that has a pop of color, matching or complementing the color of your suit. Don’t where any fun, silly ties with characters or any images on them.

Shoes: Your socks should go up to your mid-calf, and your shoes should be nice dress up ones in a dark color.

Accessories: No jewelry should be worn, except for a professional wristwatch if needed.

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