Interviews can be one of the most stressful steps in the path to getting a job, especially if you have little to no prior interview experience. What should I wear? What should I bring with me to the interview? What will the actual interview be like? What types of questions will I be asked? What do I do once the interview is over? All of these questions and more may float through your head, and they can seem quite daunting. Have no fear! This section of the website is dedicated to answering all these questions, and helping you be ready and confident for any interview.

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Wondering what the big picture interview process will be like? The Interview Process page is made to ensure you know exactly what will happen during the entire interview process.







9.Interview-Dress-Code-MenHave no idea what you should wear? The How to Dress page is made for just that purpose. Browse through the page to find information for appropriate male and female attire, and other tips about dressing.






For some general helpful information visit the Do’s and Don’ts page.


For those visual learners, be sure to visit Videos page for helpful interview information.

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  • 3d colour boxes with text - interview, word
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